How Do I Choose the Best Aerobic Shoes?

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Aerobic exercise can be very beneficial to your health and waistline, but may take quite a toll on your feet without the right shoes. When looking for the best aerobic shoes, look for a pair that provides good overall support, especially at the ankles. If you plan to engage in high impact activities such as running or jumping, your shoes should feature good shock absorbency as well. While brand name is a matter of personal preference, consider shopping at a location that specializes in athletic shoes, at least until you get an idea of which shoe is right for you.

The most important thing to look for in a good pair of aerobic shoes is how well they support your foot. The arches of the shoes should match the arches of your feet. For example, if you have high arches, your chosen shoes should have some sort of cushioning to reduce the impact and strain on your legs. Look for shoes that also support your ankles without reducing their range of motion or rubbing them with stiff edges.

Shock absorbency is another important feature to look for in aerobic shoes, especially for high-impact activities. The sole of the shoe should be thick enough to absorb a significant amount of impact, but not so thick that they make you feel off balance. Consider getting shoes with gel inserts for extra cushioning, or adding them on your own after you purchase a pair without.


Your aerobic shoes should be as comfortable as possible. Although this is fairly obvious, it is important to keep in mind that a pair of shoes can offer the best possible support and shock absorbency, but still be completely uncomfortable if they’re made of the wrong material. Your shoes should also be made of some type of material that allows good airflow to your feet so you don’t get too sweaty while working out. Try on several pairs and run in place if possible to help determine if they are going to be comfortable during your aerobic activities.

When you are shopping for your aerobic shoes, start at a store that specializes in them at least during the fitting stage, as getting the exact right fit can be a challenge on your own. Professionals can assess your foot and your needs, then help determine the best shoes for you. Once you find a few options that you like and know your size, you can look elsewhere for lower prices if you prefer. Avoid order online or through a catalog until you know exactly what size and shoes you want.


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