How do I Choose the Best Administrative Assistant Training?

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Administrative assistant training can help people prepare for jobs in a variety of different industries and businesses. As a skilled administrator, a worker has the opportunity to learn the industry, gain respect and reputation, and prepare him or herself for more advanced positions in the field. Good administrative assistant training will teach necessary technical and social skills that can be of great benefit in the workplace. Although there are few formal education plans for administrative assistant training, education in several different areas can serve as a great training ground for the workforce.

In the modern business world, one of the most crucial skills for administrative workers is computer literacy. Proficiency with different operating systems and basic programs are imperative for most office jobs. Community centers and colleges are great places to find introductory classes to all manner of computer technology, from specific program training, to learning the basics of computer languages and website building. At the bare minimum, a person seeking a job in the administrative field should be comfortable with word processing, graphic programs, and internet browsing.


The best administrative assistant training will help individuals focus on which industry or business is the most compelling for them. Once this is understood, special training skills can help to put an applicant at the top of a resume pile. For instance, administrative assistants in the film world are often required to read scripts and provide a short summary and recommendation, called “coverage.” Being familiar with screenplay format and structure will help an applicant prove his or her dedication and potential at once.

In many cases, administrative assistant training can best be found through internships. Although usually unpaid, internships tend to take up only a few hours of time and can provide valuable skills for later jobs. Students will often find lists of available internships through their school's student service facilities. For non-students, several websites offer large databases of internship opportunities, which typically require a commitment from a few months to a year. Employers generally understand that interns are seeking to learn about the industry and gain an education that will help them find a job, and can be wonderful sources of information and advice.

Not all administrative assistant training takes place in a classroom or even in a workplace. In order to land a job in the administrative field, it is very important to exhibit personal discipline and come to any interviews well prepared. Ask a friend to conduct mock interviews to help ward off self-consciousness and mentally prepare for likely questions. Visit some highly-regarded offices in the industry and take careful note of the appearance and demeanor of office workers. Self-training can be an extremely important component in preparing for the job world, and gaining confidence through ample preparation can ensure that prospective employees will clearly see a together, self-disciplined applicant.


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