How Do I Choose the Best Adductor Exercises?

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Adductors are muscles in the hip and thighs that help turn the legs inward during motion. These muscles, like other muscles of the legs, must be isolated and strengthened with specific exercises to ensure proper function. Choosing the best adductor exercises starts with determining your fitness goals as well as your current fitness level. Beginners will need to start with basic, easy exercises as well as a fair amount of stretches to prevent injury and help condition the muscles for more strenuous exercises later on. Choose adductor exercises that will strengthen and tone, as well as improve balance, posture, and hip and knee alignment.

Perhaps one of the most common adductor exercises that should be included in most exercise routines is the lunge. This exercise strengthens and tones adductor muscles as well as other muscles in the legs. It is performed by starting at a standing position with both feet less than hip width apart. You will then lunge forward with one leg, leaving the other leg set back. Bend the front leg until it is bent at a 90-degree angle, and be sure to keep your back straight throughout. It sometimes helps to hold your hands at your hips to ensure better posture. Then, bring the back leg forward and straighten the front leg to the standing position. Repeat the motion with the opposite leg.


Mobility adductor exercises work to stretch the adductor muscles and improve their ability to move freely. Stretches are good mobility exercises, and such exercises can be combined with resistance training exercises. Try using a resistance band for an easy and compact workout at home. Resistance bands are lightweight, packable, and easy to use just about anywhere. They can be looped around a solid object such as a post, and the other end can be looped around the ankle. You can then pull from the ankle, providing a resistance workout for the adductor muscles.

Gyms and fitness centers often feature machines specifically designed for adductor exercises. These machines tend to be bulky and are not a good choice for home use in most cases, but at the gym, these machines can provide a quick and easy adductor workout. Most machines are posted with signs that instruct the user how to properly perform each exercise as well, so this is a good choice for beginners who are unfamiliar with the best adductor exercises for building strength and mobility.


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