How do I Choose the Best Acrylic Coffee Table?

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To choose the best acrylic coffee table, one must consider the size, shape, style, and color of the various tables on the market. In almost all cases, an acrylic coffee table will lend itself to a space that is designed and decorated with a very modern sensibility, which means that this sort of coffee table does not work well in all settings. The first and most important consideration is size. If the table is too large or too small it will look out of place and can make movement in the space awkward. Before shopping for an acrylic coffee table, be sure to measure the space where the table must fit and define a range of acceptable sizes.

Shape and style go hand in hand when choosing an acrylic coffee table. There are some very simple coffee tables made out of a single acrylic piece that has been curved in two places. These two curves occur at either end of the coffee table and extend down to the floor, creating legs. There are other styles that are much more complex. For example, there are some acrylic coffee table designs that have magazine racks incorporated into the legs of the table.


Many acrylic coffee tables are clear, but there are also some that have a bit of color to them. Some of these colors are quite faint, meaning that the acrylic is still translucent or, in some cases, nearly transparent. There are other acrylic coffee tables that are made with deeply saturated colors so that the acrylic becomes nearly or completely opaque. Choosing the right color means considering the other dominant colors within the space and finding an acrylic coffee table that will either match or complement those colors. There are some acrylic coffee table models that incorporate more than one color.

It is also important to consider the strength of the material before choosing an acrylic coffee table. Traditional coffee tables that are made out of strong pieces of natural materials such as wood and marble can usually stand up to a reasonable amount of pressure. An acrylic coffee table that is made out of thin pieces of acrylic or materials of low quality may not stand up to pressure as well as other kinds of coffee tables. Before purchasing this kind of coffee table, be sure to learn how to care for it properly so that the material does not become cracked or scratched.


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