How do I Choose the Best Acidophilus Capsules?

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Choosing the best acidophilus capsules can depend on several different factors. Though there are typically few to no side effects associated with taking acidophilus capsules, it is probably a good idea to consult with your doctor to discover which brands he or she recommends and if there are any potential risks to consider. It is generally a good idea to choose a high quality capsule containing between one and ten billion bacteria per pill. You may also need to consider factors like price, brand name, and how the pills need to be stored to find ones that are right for you.

Acidophilus capsules work by introducing additional helpful bacteria into the body, where they can help aid in digestion, resolve digestive issues, and reduce the incidence of vaginal yeast infections. While taking acidophilus is not generally considered risky or likely to cause side effects, people with certain conditions such as intestinal damage or decreased immune function may want to discuss taking a supplement with their doctors first. Your doctor can offer guidance on the potential side effects, what dosage may be optimal for you, and which brands he or she may consider to be most effective.


It is important when choosing acidophilus capsules to read the label so you know how much bacteria you will be getting in each one. Research has shown that dosages of less than one billion bacteria typically do not offer significant health benefits, so it is best to buy a product that has at least that many per capsule and up to ten billion. Reading the label can also help you identify if there are any additives, artificial colors, or other extra ingredients in the capsules that you may wish to avoid.

Personal preferences will also play an important role in your decision on which acidophilus capsules are best for you. While you want to choose a high quality product, the price of the supplements can range widely and you will need to choose one that fits your budget. There are also numerous brands to pick from; you will likely want to choose pills produced by a reputable company with a name you trust. Storage of your acidophilus capsules may also be a consideration, as some brands recommend they be kept refrigerated while others can simply be kept at room temperature.


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