How Do I Choose the Best Acidophilus Bifidus?

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There are several things you should look for when choosing acidophilus bifidus supplements, including the bacteria count, expiration date, and any additional ingredients that may be added. Acidophilus is sold as a probiotic to help replenish the beneficial flora throughout the body. When making your selection, you should also look for products which also contain some form of prebiotics in the same tablet to ensure the bacteria stay alive long enough to benefit the body.

Human bodies naturally have a balance of good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help aid in digestion, and they keep harmful pathogens and yeast at bay to prevent infection. Acidophilus bifidus is one of the types of beneficial flora types found naturally in the digestive tract. Eating certain foods can destroy these key bacteria, or create a natural imbalance will. Taking an over the counter supplement can help replenish the good flora to return the body to its proper balance.

The first, and possibly most important, factor to consider when purchasing acidophilus bifidus supplements is the exact count of bacteria contained in each pill or capsule. Probiotics, bacteria that are beneficial to the human body, can die very quickly. The higher the initial number of bacteria, the more of them there are likely to be by the time you begin taking the supplements. Remember that the longer you keep a particular container of supplements, the less potent they become.


It is wise to find acidophilus bifidus supplements that also contain prebiotics. Prebiotics are sugars or carbohydrates that feed and nourish the probiotics so that they stay alive longer. This will not only prolong the usefulness of your supplements before you take them, but they also help keep them stronger and prolong their lives once they are inside the body. Since the probiotics will have to make it all the way down into your digestive tract, it is important to give them a better chance of surviving the journey.

Some probiotics also contain protective substances that keep the bacteria safe from stomach acids as they pass through. This allows them to survive until they reach the small intestine, where they can be put to use. Research options you are considering ahead of time to determine how well they hold up during digestion.

Due to the fragile nature of acidophilus bifidus supplements, it is important that you choose products that are as fresh as possible. Check expiration dates carefully, since items beyond this date may be ineffective. As with all supplements, check with your doctor before taking probiotics. This is especially important if you want to take them to treat a specific health condition.


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