How Do I Choose the Best Acetaminophen Cream?

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Acetaminophen cream is a type of medication that is used in place of the pill form of the drug for spot treatments. This topical pain reliever is commonly used for sports-related pains, as well as arthritis. The best version of acetaminophen cream that you choose should be designed for the specific body part for which you are seeking pain relief. Medicinal ointments come in a wide range of sizes, so you want to shop wisely based on your treatment needs. It is important to keep in mind that acetaminophen creams relieve pain, but not inflammation, and you should consult your doctor before use.

The first thing to decide is for what you need acetaminophen cream, as the medication is used for a variety of ailments. Traditional oral forms of acetaminophen are used for the treatment of body pain as well as fever. When treating muscle or joint pain, the cream version is often preferred so that users can apply the medication directly to the source. Acetaminophen creams are often labeled for their intended use, as there might be different doses of the medication contained within them.


Most versions of this medication come in the form of tubes out of which you squeeze the cream. If you suffer from arthritis, you might consider opting for a smaller container that comes with an applicator to make it easier to open and to rub into your skin. Generally, a larger tube of topical acetaminophen is the most appropriate if you are trying to cover a big area. Some types of acetaminophen creams also come in the form of patches that you stick onto the affected area. Certain patches also utilize heat, which is thought to help to speed up the process of pain relief.

Although acetaminophen is generally regarded as a safe medication for most patients, it is still a medication that should be taken with care. Using topical acetaminophen might be safer if you are treating a specific area of the body, but the medication will still be entering your body. It is, therefore, important that you only use acetaminophen cream for a designated amount of time in order to avoid any adverse side effects. If you require the medication for pain that lasts more than one week, you might consider checking with your doctor first. It is also unsafe to take topical and oral acetaminophen at the same time, because there is a risk of overdose.


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