How do I Choose the Best Above Ground Pool Fence?

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An above ground pool fence is designed to keep unwanted visitors from reaching the pool area, and it can be useful for keeping children contained within or outside of the pool area as well. The above ground pool fence can be made from a variety of materials, and the fence you choose should be made from materials sturdy enough to constant exposure to the elements, such as sunlight and rain. Be sure to choose a fence that fits your budget as well as the overall aesthetic of the yard and the pool area as well.

Many above ground pool fence designs feature aluminum fence panels. These are lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install, and aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. If you are looking for an inexpensive and sturdy fence that will last a long time, aluminum is a great choice. It is not, however, the best choice for heavy-duty fencing; aluminum is a fairly lightweight metal, and lighter gauges of aluminum may be easy to damage. Unlike steel, aluminum cannot be bent back into shape easily. It will snap or break instead, so for durability, it may be best to consider another type of metal.

Galvanized steel fencing such as chain link fencing is a great choice for an above ground pool fence built for durability and security. This is a good choice for public pools or pools that may be accessed by unwanted visitors. Chain link fencing can be coated to change the color, greatly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the fence as well. It is a relatively easy type of fencing to install, though the posts for such a fence will need to be sunk in concrete. This may not be the best choice if you want your fence to line an elevated deck that goes around the perimeter of the pool.

Wood is another solid choice for an above ground pool fence, and it will easily fit the aesthetic of any decking material that may surround the pool. Wood tends to be expensive, however, and some woods will require regular maintenance such as applying waterproofing chemicals or replacing rotting boards. Much of this can be avoided by using woods such as cedar that are naturally resistant to rot and water damage, though purchasing such woods can be costly.

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