How Do I Choose the Best 4x4 Seats?

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Automobile designers often design seats to fit a wide variety of body shapes, so the 4x4 seats included in a particular vehicle may not be the most comfortable or functional choice for your needs. If you are considering replacing your factory seats with aftermarket 4x4 seats, you will need to consider cost, function, and comfort above all other considerations. A 4x4 vehicle is likely to be used on treacherous terrain, which means the seat will need to be comfortable and supportive, especially for people with back problems or neck issues. Choose a seat that is comfortable above all else.

The 4x4 seats should be made from waterproof synthetic materials that can be cleaned easily. Many 4x4 vehicles are designed primarily for off-road use, which means mud and dirt are likely to get inside the cab of the vehicle. Waterproof seats will allow you to hose off the interior of the vehicle quickly and easily, and these seats are likely to dry quickly for added comfort and functionality. Choose durable synthetic materials for the 4x4 seats so they will stand up to regular use and abuse, especially when dirty.


Adjustability is important in any type of vehicle seat, but even more so for 4x4 seats. The seat should allow for lower lumbar spine support, as well as neck and shoulder support. Adjustment forward and backward is of course important, but lumbar adjustments, seat back adjustments, and even neck support adjustments are even more important for comfort and support. Consider purchasing 4x4 seats that do not have high rolls on the seat back sides and the seat sides; these can make getting into and out of the vehicle difficult, especially if the 4x4 is lifted and therefore quite high off the ground. While useful on race cars or other high speed cars, they are not especially useful for 4x4 vehicles.

If aesthetics are a priority, be sure to choose a seat that matches the interior of the vehicle. Do not sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, however, as you may find yourself purchasing yet another seat if it is uncomfortable, regardless of how attractive it is. If you intend to be in muddy conditions regularly, avoid high end materials such as leather that will require regular cleaning, conditioning, or other maintenance. For on-road use, high end seats with materials such as leather are appropriate, but be ready to clean them if you use the vehicle off-road.


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