How do I Choose Quality Vintage Furniture?

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Vintage furniture is furniture that is usually between 30 and 100 years old. In order to choose the highest quality vintage furniture, it is important to understand how well a piece reflects the era in which it was created. As in choosing any other high quality piece of furniture, it is also important that vintage furnishings are well crafted and that they are built with sturdy materials.

A successful piece of vintage furniture represents the era in which it was originally built and used. A high quality piece of 1930s furniture will have an Art Deco look. Many pieces from this decade will also have an apparent French influence. You can also expect to find materials such as lacquered wood and depression glass.

Porcelain enamel tables and phonographs are common to examples of 1940s furniture. In this decade, people also used Charles Eames chairs, which are a kind of lounge chair. Also popular in the 1940s was metal patio furniture.

Vintage furniture from the 1950s is often in bright colors. A trend popular among collectors of 1950s furniture is to decorate kitchens in the style of a diner from this era. This style might include items such as booths and bar stools that have footrests. Also included may be tables that are made out of chrome.


In order to choose the highest quality vintage furniture from the 1960s, you should look at tables and chairs that are plated with chrome. Moroccan rugs were also popular during this decade. Many of the furniture styles from this era are considered to have a look that is described as space-age modern.

A common way to choose vintage furniture is to shop at garage sales or other venues for used goods. While this may be the most inexpensive way to attain vintage furnishings, there is no way to guarantee the quality of the pieces. Proponents of purchasing furniture from used goods venues enjoy the excitement of surprising finds. This can be a potentially time consuming activity since one does not know beforehand what items will be available.

Vintage dealers, on the other hand, charge more for their furniture, but it tends to be in better condition. Many vintage dealers also keep catalogs of their inventory. This can make it easier to choose quality vintage furniture that fits a particular style, theme, or design.

Many vintage chairs and other pieces of furniture have been repaired and reupholstered. This work is done to varying degrees. While the addition of new materials might take away from a piece's vintage appeal, it might increase its durability and longevity.


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