How Do I Choose Makeup for under Eye Circles?

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Creams and makeup for under eye circles is widely available, and there are many choices that can reduce these and other eye concerns. You may need to experiment to find the combination of eye makeup and other products that you feel are most effective. Along with using cosmetics, self-care may reduce their appearance.

It’s important to use a cream or lotion on the under eye area to protect sensitive skin before applying makeup. You may wish to look for eye creams that have been developed to for this condition. Certain eye creams may have studies to back up claims of reducing the appearance of under eye circles, and these may be more effective.

Concealer is a popular makeup for under eye circles. For dark circles, choose concealers that are one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, as lighter shades may lighten the circles. In addition, consider the tone of your concealer. If your under eye circles are blueish or purplish, experiment with a pink toned concealer; if your circles are more greenish or grayish, you may be happier with a peach toned concealer.

When using concealer, apply it lightly, and try to keep it only in the areas of the under eye circle. Applying several light layers of this makeup for under eye circles may give better results. Be gentle when applying, as the skin in this area is extremely delicate and is easily damaged.


Foundation makeup will also help conceal these. The foundation should match your skin tone, and you may wish to lightly apply it over your under eye concealer, and gently blend in. You may want to consider foundation with sunscreen to help prevent damage in the under eye circle area, as well as your entire face. After you’ve applied foundation, a face powder can be used to lightly set your makeup, and it will provide another layer in covering under eye circles.

You may also wish to experiment with different colors of eye shadow when choosing makeup for under eye circles. Some colors may tend to call attention the circles, whereas others do not. For example, if the area under your eye has a pronounced blue tint, blue eye shadow may make the under eye circles seem more apparent.

Under eye circles have a number of causes. They do tend to become more prevalent with age, although some young people also have them. The appearance of under eye circles may become much more pronounced with lack of sleep, so if that is true for you, getting sufficient sleep can diminish their appearance. For other people, allergies, emotional and physical stress may cause under eye circles. Rubbing or scratching at your eyes may also cause them, and they can also be hereditary.


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