How Do I Choose Legitimate Online Mortgage Advice?

Kristie Lorette

When searching for legitimate online mortgage advice, you should turn to the mortgage division of your own bank, a banking or mortgage website that compares numerous mortgage companies in one place or a mortgage expert or financial expert that has their own television segment, book or magazine or newspaper column in a well-known publication. Whether you need online mortgage information for the purchase of a property or refinance, it can be hard to decide who to turn to for legitimate advice. The Internet contains a plethora of mortgage information, but without knowing the background of the business, professional or individual who is providing the information, you don’t really know if it is information you can trust.

When seeking home mortgage advice online, first check your bank's online resources.
When seeking home mortgage advice online, first check your bank's online resources.

One of your first stops for online mortgage advice should be the website of your own bank. Go the bank’s website and look for the mortgage section of the site. Read and review any information the site offers on the types of mortgages the bank offers, as well as any tips and advice the site offers on how to choose the right mortgage. If you have a relationship with more than one bank, you should check the mortgage information on each site. Even if you do not have a relationship with another bank, go to at least two other national and local bank websites to find legitimate mortgage information.

As you search for online mortgage advice, you will come across major publications that quote executives from legitimate mortgage websites. As you read through these articles, mark down the sites and visit them to see what type of information it offers. Most online mortgage advice websites maintained by legitimate sources offer a variety of information. You will most likely find articles, advice, mortgage calculators and lists of possible mortgage lenders and companies that may be able to help you with your financing needs. Always read the about page or section of the website to see who is providing this information, which should be a professional, rather than an amateur who simply puts up a blog about mortgages.

Finally, take a stroll through your local bookstore to find finance and mortgage experts that have written books on the topic or peruse the financial sections of local and national newspapers and magazines. These professionals tend to offer up-to-date online mortgage advice on a blog or website, which is an address you can glean from their books or columns.

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