How Do I Choose between Brick and Stone?

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The choice between brick and stone is often a matter of personal preference, but the decision can also be made on the basis of the installation process, longevity, aesthetic appearance, and the type of structure being built. Real brick is a type of clay that is formed into a shape and then heated in a kiln, and bricks tend to be quite strong and durable. Stone can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they tend to be less expensive than brick. The first step in choosing between brick and stone is determining which material will be stronger for the type of structure you intend to build.

Walkways are often made from brick and stone, though materials known as pavers can be used instead. Pavers are thin pieces of material that are flat and usable for laying foundations or flat surfaces. Both brick and stone pavers are available, and the best choice will depend on the aesthetic you prefer for your home. Be careful, however, as the term "brick" may be used to describe the shape of the paver rather than the actual material.


If you will be building a load-bearing structure such as a wall for a home, you will need to analyze the construction method used for each material. Bricklaying can be difficult, and it is usually recommended that professionals do this job to ensure a strong and durable finished product. The process of making a stone wall can vary. In some cases, you may be able to simply stack the stones to create a fence or other structure that will not bear a heavy load. In other cases, you may need to combine the stones with concrete to form a solid structure. This process can be difficult, but you will not need to hire a professional to do the job in some cases.

You can, of course, combine both brick and stone, depending again on the type of structure you intend to build. Walkways and walls, for example, can feature both brick and stone structures to create a unique aesthetic, though most people tend to choose one or the other based on aesthetics. Take a good look at your home or building to figure out which material will look best with the current overall design. Think about landscaping as well, and choose the material that will fit your aesthetic appeal as well as your budget.


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