How do I Choose an Acting and Modeling School?

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Acting and modeling are fields of work associated by fame and glamour. Even the most famous actors and models began their careers by learning the basics of the field, making it important for aspiring entertainers to choose a reputable acting and modeling school. It can be tough to tell true acting classes and modeling classes from scams, but it is possible.

To begin an acting or modeling career, classes or courses are a must. Acting courses focus on capturing human emotion, posture and language for a stage or screen venue. Modeling classes teach aspiring models how to pose, convey an emotion, and work on a runway or in front of a camera. These things can be learned on one’s own, but a class gives the added benefit of hands-on experience with a knowledgeable teacher who can correct mistakes or encourage already strong techniques a student possesses.

Contact the acting and modeling school you're considering attending. Speak with administrators and instructors to get a feel for the school. If possible, attend a class at the school to see if you feel comfortable. Speak to current and former students to get an overall opinion of the school. It is a good idea to read trade publications on acting and modeling schools and contact the Better Business Bureau to see if the school has any complaints active.


It may be worthwhile to speak to an agent or reputable talent agency about a specific school if you have your doubts. Many agencies keep a list of places they recommend, and they may know whether the school has a bad reputation. Find out as much as you can about schools in your area or a specific school you plan on attending. You can never have too much information when choosing an acting and modeling school.

Look at the price of the school you want to attend. Does this particular acting and modeling school offer financial aid for classes, and do they offer federal aid? Also inquire about the rate of employment among the graduates. These are pertinent facts to determine as you consider whether you will be able to afford the education and whether you will be able to pay back any student loans.

Finally, listen to what your own instincts are trying to tell you. If an acting and modeling school promises 100 percent guaranteed or instant success, or charges an arm and a leg for basic services, you may be better off going elsewhere. Unrealistic or fantastical claims are one of the top signs of a disreputable acting and modeling school. The maxim that states, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is," applies in this situation.


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