How do I Choose a Vasectomy Doctor?

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There are many suggestions on how to choose a vasectomy doctor that may help inform the form decision-making process. This procedure was once the province of urologists, but now it’s pretty easy to find other doctors who perform it also, and simplicity of some of the present techniques, like the no scalpel method, mean many men can simply go to their general practitioner for this surgery. That doesn’t always mean a general practitioner is the best choice.

The first thing men could do is discuss the types of vasectomies with the family doctor, and more specifically, what type the doctor performs, and how often. Anyone interested in sterilization will probably not want to choose a vasectomy doctor who only do a few of these procedures a year. Knowing types of vasectomies with which a doctor has skill is also vital. Many men now opt for the no-scalpel surgery because it has a shorter recovery time, and less risk of excessive bleeding or infection.


When it is time to choose a vasectomy doctor, a family doctor shouldn’t be automatically disqualified. A number of these doctors are very skilled in this area and perform this procedure frequently. On the other hand, if a family doctor is female, even if she’s qualified, some men would rather see a male doctor, just as some women prefer seeing female gynecologists. Men could choose to have a male doctor in the family practice do the procedure instead, or they might widen their search to urologists who also have considerable expertise in this area. If men are trying to choose a vasectomy doctor for a vasectomy reversal, they should definitely plan on consulting urologists, as this is a more delicate procedure with a higher fail rate.

Any time people choose a vasectomy doctor, they should take into account whether insurance covers this procedure, if there are any deductibles or copayments, and whether a specific doctor contracts with an insurance company. Choosing a doctor outside of an insurance pool may mean paying for all or part of the surgery. If men can’t immediately afford the total cost, they might wish to find a doctor who will accept payments either before or after the procedure.

There are a number of doctor recommendation services that can assist a patient in getting a list of doctors who do vasectomies. Insurance companies sometimes also list physicians with specialties in certain areas. Other ways to choose a vasectomy doctor are to ask other men, though this can be a little uncomfortable. Asking spouses or partners to solicit word of mouth recommendations from female friends whose spouses or partners have had vasectomies isn’t a bad choice either. In the end, taking a multi-pronged approach and determining doctor experience, personal comfort level, procedure types favored by doctors, insurance and payment issues, and personal or professional recommendations can all assist in making the right choice.


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