How do I Choose a Jet Ski Trailer?

Dee S.
Dee S.

Before purchasing a jet ski trailer, it is important to look into all the options and pick the perfect trailer. Careful consideration must be given to how many jet skis will be towed on the jet ski trailer and to the make, model, and horsepower of the car that will be towing the trailer and the jet ski. Once those factors have been mulled over, there are plenty of details that a jet ski owner must ponder, such as whether she wants an enclosed trailer or whether she wants her trailer to haul her jet skis and her boat simultaneously. Lastly, the owner may want to consider whether a new jet ski trailer is in her budget or whether she should consider a used one.

Different jet ski trailers can carry different numbers of jet skis.
Different jet ski trailers can carry different numbers of jet skis.

There are plenty of choices for someone who is in the market to purchase a jet ski trailer. For someone looking for a basic trailer, she can start with one that holds a single jet ski. Many basic models will have a weight capacity of around 1000 pounds (453 kg); however, it is important to know the weight of the jet ski before completing the purchase. There are other single jet ski trailers; but, the greater the weight capacity the more the trailer will cost its owner. In some cases, a single trailer will have a weight capacity of 2000 pounds (907 kg) and cost nearly a third more in the price.

It is not uncommon for someone to own more than one jet ski, as there are always friends and family members wanting to take one out on the lake or ocean for a spin. Consequently, a jet ski trailer that holds two or more jet skis may be necessary. Many people who need to tow more than two jet skis opt for a fully enclosed trailer. Although it costs much more money than a traditional trailer, it will keep the jet skis, life preservers, fuel, and tools in one place. An enclosed trailer may even have interior lighting and shelving for those who want to be super-organized.

For people who want to tow their jet skis and their boat, there are special trailers that will do both. Typically the jet skis are situated at the front of the trailer and the boat is located behind them. It is a safe way to transport both without requiring multiple cars. However, it is essential that the owner knows how much weight her vehicle will tow. Some vehicles are not designed to pull heavy loads. Forcing the vehicle to pull a boat and a few jet skis may lead to car troubles.

There are opportunities to purchase used jet ski trailers, as well. In those cases, it is best to do your homework before jumping into a purchase. Looking at new models, becoming educated on a particular model, and then searching for a used one of the same model and year is a great way to save money. In most cases, the jet ski trailer will be in great shape and safe to use; however, there is always the risk of breakdown. If a jet ski trailer has old, worn tires, it could be quite dangerous; however, the fix is easy – new tires to replace the old ones.

If in doubt, have someone you trust give their opinion before making the purchase of a jet ski trailer. With a little research and background information on the trailer, the jet ski, and the tow vehicle, it can be a relatively easy purchase. It is best not to jump in too soon and to make sure that the trailer fits the needs of the owner.

Dee S.
Dee S.

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