How do I Choose a Headboard for a Platform Bed?

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When choosing a headboard for a platform bed, it's usually best to consider styles with straight lines. Since platform beds are made up of thick rectangular shapes, a delicate curvy headboard can look mismatched. A rectangular headboard in the same color as the edge that shows prominently on your platform bed is often the best option.

A mirrored headboard with straight edges and a large, thick frame can be a good match to a platform bed. It may also make the room appear larger, especially if the mirror reflects a window. The window should have curtains or blinds that fit in well with the look of the bed.

A bookshelf headboard for a platform bed can be another excellent option, since this tends to be made up of rectangular shelves. Bookshelf headboards allow space to store an alarm clock, books and decor accessories such as artwork or a vase of flowers. This type of platform bed headboard may also eliminate the need for beside tables if your bedroom is small or you prefer a minimalistic look.


A leather headboard may be a good fit with a platform bed since both usually have a dramatic style as well as clean, modern lines. Yet, this look can be a little plain if both pieces also have smooth surfaces. Adding different textures to the room such as a brick, or faux-brick, wall, a shaggy carpet and plush bedding can create a more interesting bedroom space. A leather headboard looks best when it contrasts with the wall color behind it rather than blends in.

Black steel or wrought iron headboards can give a dramatic, yet airy look to contrast the solid appearance of a wooden platform bed. For best results, the bed should be black or at least dark brown in color so the metal doesn't appear mismatched to the wood. If you do choose wrought iron or steel rather than a wooden headboard, it's a good idea to pick thick, straight lines of metal or wider curves if you prefer rounder metal shapes.

Remember to keep the width of a headboard for a platform bed in proper proportion to the overall piece. Since platform beds are modern in style, pairing them with a traditional carved wood headboard may create a dated look. A contemporary platform bed headboard would be a better choice.


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