How do I Choose a Dog Grooming School?

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For the average individual, choosing a dog grooming school will likely heavily depend on location and cost. However, there are other considerations must also be taken into account when choosing a dog grooming school. Like universities and colleges, one dog grooming school can differ from another in coursework, emphasis and quality.

Also like universities and colleges, future students should consider visiting dog grooming schools in person. Auditing classes can give insight into the grooming school's teaching methods and the specific skills that will be learned while enrolled. Interviewing current and former students will also help potential students determine if a particular dog grooming school is right for them. Interviewing may also help potential students find out if the school is worthwhile to attend and what their future job prospects are like.

Generally, potential students should look for vocational schools that offer on-site, hands-on instruction. This type of training has many advantages over distance courses, including the opportunities to get feedback from instructors, network and build a client base before graduation even takes place. Schools that offer students assistance in obtaining jobs after graduation may also help students along in their careers.


A good dog grooming school will be licensed by the state in which it is located. Potential students should ask to see licenses that prove that the school is an accredited vocational school. The Department of Education may also be able to provide information about a dog grooming school and its credentials. If all licenses and permits check out for schools and the curriculum is the same, then a student may simply decide on a dog grooming school based on his or her personal visits or interviews with current or former students.

It should be noted that no licenses or certificates are required by any state to become a dog groomer. However, starting a pet grooming business may require individuals to acquire a business license and a Department of Agriculture license. In addition, states may vary in the number and types of licenses and permits that are necessary to run a dog grooming business. Checking Better Business Bureau records for complaints before registering with a school and investing in tuition may also be able to steer potential students to a legitimate dog grooming school. Those interested in attending a grooming school should also be prepared to attend a school outside of their state of residence, since not all states offer dog grooming training.


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