How do I Check on Trademark Status?

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It is usually pretty simple to check on the status of a trademark. You will typically have to locate the agency responsible for registering trademarks in your area and request the status. Often, these agencies offer free trademark status checks through their websites. You may also call the trademark agency in your jurisdiction to request information. Additionally, many agencies maintain online databases you can use to find already-registered trademarks, which may help you when you are in the process of choosing a name or slogan or creating a logo for your business or organization.

Most countries have an agency that is responsible for accepting and processing trademark applications. You will typically check the status of a trademark through the same organization that accepted the application for it. In most cases, these organizations maintain websites that provide online search engines you can use to check on trademark status. Most trademark offices allow you to perform online trademark status checks free of charge.

You will likely need some basic identifying information to conduct a trademark status check. Depending on where you are located, you may need a serial or registration number to perform a status check. In some places, you may also have to provide your contact information to obtain a trademark status.


There may be cases in which you need to speak with a representative of the trademark office to check on the status of your application rather than using the online database. Many trademark agencies post phone numbers and e-mail address you can use to contact them on their websites. They may also provide phone numbers and e-mail addresses you can use for technical support with your trademark status request. If you cannot find the contact information you need to contact the trademark office online, you may find it in a local telephone directory.

If you want to check on whether or not a name, logo, or slogan has been trademarked before you attempt to use it for your business, you may have to perform a trademark search. To do this, you will likely have to visit your jurisdiction's trademark office website and use its search features to determine whether or not a trademark has been registered for the name, slogan, or logo you are considering. If a check of trademark status reveals that one has been registered, you will usually have to choose a different name, slogan, or design in order to avoid conflicts with the other businesses. Even if the name has not been trademarked, however, you may do well to seek an attorney’s advice before choosing a name, design, or slogan that has already been used by another company.


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While it doesn't cost you a penny to check the status of a trademark, it's a completely different story when you look at the trademark registration cost. Most people choose to have a lawyer handle the trademark registration process, as it requires a trademark search, the filing of an application and a follow-up with the government. In addition to the lawyer's fees, you will have to pay a $325 government filing fee per class of goods and services.

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