How do I Check in for a Flight Online?

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Online check-in for a flight is a relatively simple way for travelers to use the Internet and computer capabilities to make travel easier and faster. All the traveler needs is Internet access, a printer, and an e-ticket for his flight. Although the process can be slightly different depending on the airline, in most cases, all you need to do is go to the site, click on the check-in icon, login or enter your confirmation number, and print out your boarding pass.

Airlines have various methods for checking in online, but the end result is that the traveler alerts the airline that he or she will be taking the flight, and also has a valid boarding pass upon entering the airport terminal. With a valid boarding pass, the traveler can check bags — if necessary — at the curb, then can go directly to the security checkpoint and proceed to the gate, all without having to check in at the terminal. Aside from saving the traveler a great deal of time, it also allows travelers who have ticketing issues or who are buying tickets to receive faster service at the ticket counter.


Online check-in is usually a simple procedure. The traveler goes to the airline's Web site and looks for the link to check in. He should always make sure he is in the correct window for the check-in process, since most airlines allow only online check-in from 24 hours to about 90 minutes before the flight. Once the traveler has accessed the site, he may enter his reservation confirmation number for her e-ticket, his frequent flyer number, or just his name, and the system will access the reservation and ask the traveler to confirm his itinerary. He may also be able to make any seating changes at this time.

When the traveler confirms the information, he will be prompted to print his boarding passes for the outbound leg of the journey. He will need to go through the procedure again before he leaves his destination, if he has the option to do so. If the flight isn't non-stop, he will be issued boarding passes for each of the flights on the outbound leg. The boarding pass or passes will print and he will receive a confirmation that he has checked in. The only remaining task is the drive to the airport.

Online check-in is a boon to large airports. With so many people flocking to ticket counters to change or upgrade reservations, use their paper tickets, buy tickets, ship goods, and to conduct other business, every person who can check in online means shorter wait times for those who must check in at the counter and better use of the airline's resources. It is a great option for the computer savvy traveler.


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Post 5

@anon180886: You save a *lot* of time. It takes just a couple of minutes to check in online and print your boarding pass, and you can do it from home, your hotel, or anywhere that has internet access.

I got behind a guy flying to Singapore (I swear!) with his wife and five children. He wanted to change all their seating assignments. Had online check-in been available, I never would have had to go through that ridiculous line, listen to the man plead his case to the ticket agent, and be on pins and needles, hoping I didn't miss my flight. I didn't, thank goodness, but if you check in online, you don't have to fool with any of

that, especially if you're not checking any bags. You print out your boarding pass and go straight to the security checkpoint.

If you're running a little late, for instance, you've got a tad more leeway, since you won't have to stand in the check-in line for your boarding pass. You'll already have it. Obviously, I'm a big fan of the online check-in feature. It's a huge time saver, in my opinion.

Post 4

how much time do you actually save?

Post 3

I think that airlines should start giving people a small discount for using their online check in services. We are saving their employees a lot of time.

With some online services, we even weigh our baggage and print our own baggage tags! Then we have to drop them off at security.

You already get discounts for booking online. I believe that in order to encourage more customers to use this service and speed up flights, as well as prevent delays, people should be given a financial incentive to do all this work themselves.

Post 2

For those who want to check in for a flight online, you should check with your respective airlines. Not all points of origin provide this service, and sometimes you need to show additional paperwork even after you have completed the online process.

I have been on airlines that made the process completely instant, while others have made me wonder what the point of checking in online was, because I had to do everything again at the airport.

I suggest people shop around and when they have a good experience with an airline, they should stick with them. The amount of time saved by checking in online is invaluable.

Post 1

I'm from a non EU country but i have a residence permit valid for Sweden. I want to go from sweden to pasi, so can I check online or its just for valid EU nationals?

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