How do I Check a Money Order Status?

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Money orders are considered to be a relatively secure and safe way to send money and pay a bill, especially if you do not have a bank account. Most of the time, you can check on a money order in the event that it becomes lost or stolen. A money order status will usually be able to tell you if the money order was cashed, and, if so, by whom. Money orders come with a receipt, which is often attached and contains the money order or serial number, and which you should keep for your records. Depending on where the money order was purchased, there are a few ways to check on a money order status, including going to the place it was purchased, checking over the phone, and looking online.

Some money orders may require you to go back to the place where it was purchased to find out a money order status. You may need to fill out a form, and there may also be a small fee for this. For example, customers who purchase a money order from the United States Postal Service® can do this, and will receive information on whether the money order has been cashed.


Another way to check a money order status is over the phone. A number of money order receipts have a toll-free number to call to find out about your money order. These are typically automated systems, and callers will often be prompted to enter certain information. MoneyGram® has such a system, and customers must have the money order number handy, along with the amount it is worth.

Tracking a money order using the Internet is another relatively simple, and generally free, way to check on a money order status. Companies such as Western Union® allow customers to check the status of a paper or electronic money order using the company's website. Most of these sites require the user to enter the order or serial number, the sender's name, and the amount that the money order is worth.

After the money order has been tracked, customers are usually able to find out if it has been cashed and, if it has, by whom. If the money order still has not been cashed, you will most likely be able to stop the payment, sometimes for a small fee. If it has been cashed by someone who has stolen it, some companies may refund your money, and you may be able to press charges.


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