How do I Check a Child Support Balance?

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Depending on where you live, there may be a few different ways you can check child support account balances. In some jurisdictions, you can call or visit the family law court clerk to obtain balance information. You may obtain balance information from your jurisdiction's child support agency as well. In some places, you can obtain balance information through an automated telephone system or via an online child support website. You may even obtain a support balance by checking a statement that is mailed to you on a monthly or quarterly basis.

In many jurisdictions, you may contact the family law court that handled your case to obtain a child support balance. In some jurisdictions, you may check the balances over the phones, but other court systems may require you to visit the court clerk in person to get the information you need. Often, you can visit the website of the family court in your jurisdiction to learn the steps you'll have to take to obtain a child support balance.

Some jurisdictions have child support agencies that have the job of collecting and processing child support payments. If you live in a jurisdiction that has an agency dedicated to this purpose, you may be able to obtain a child support balance by contacting that agency. Often, this can be accomplished by phone or in person.


Many jurisdictions have taken steps to make obtaining balance information related to child support easier. Many have implemented automated telephone systems through which you can obtain child support information, including balances, payment due dates, and the date and amount of the last payment that was received. Often, jurisdictions also have online systems that allow you to visit a website and enter case-identifying information in order to get information about a child support balance.

Child support statements typically include child support balance information as well. For example, some jurisdictions send monthly or quarterly statements that include a list of the payments made and the balance owed. In many cases, these statements also include details about any interest that has accrued.

You'll likely need some basic information to check a child support balance, such as the child support case or record number. You may also have to provide the name of the person who has to pay support as well as the recipient's name. In some cases, you may need the birth date of the child for whom support is paid, a pin number, identification, or an identifying number in order to check the balance. This information is often requested to ensure that the person requesting a balance is involved in the child support case and has a right to the balance information.


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