How Do I Change a Debit Card PIN Number?

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The process for changing a debit card PIN number varies by financial institution, though many debit card issuers offer you more than one way of changing your PIN. Typically, you can change your PIN number by visiting your bank and entering your new PIN into a machine, using a PIN change service available through the telephone, or going online and changing the PIN through a special website. Your choice of method is largely a matter of personal preference and availability. If you believe that your computer or phone security has been compromised, going into a bank to change your debit card PIN number may be the most secure way of guarding your information.

The acronym PIN stands for personal identification number, which is typically a four to six digit number connected with a credit card, debit card, or other financial account. Other types of businesses sometimes use PINs to safeguard customer accounts. When used in conjunction with a debit card, a PIN is required to use the card to make a purchase or withdrawal through a merchant equipped with a debit card point of service machine, to withdraw funds from an automated teller machine (ATM), or to use automated account information services available through the phone. When you are issued a debit card, you will typically either be offered the opportunity to select your own PIN at the time you open your account or receive your card. Some debit card issuers may send you your PIN through the mail.

If you believe that your account information has been compromised or you simply want to change your pin for security reasons, you should contact the debit card issuer and ask about the various methods it supports for changing a debit card PIN number. You may also be able to find this information on the debit card issuer's website. In many cases, you will be directed to a phone number or website that you can use to change your PIN. The process usually takes only a few minutes and typically requires you to provide some information proving that you are the legitimate owner of your account. After your identity is confirmed, you will be asked to enter and confirm your new debit card PIN number.

Many financial institutions will follow up your PIN code change request with a letter, text message or e-mail notifying you of the change. If you get an e-mail or other communication informing you that your PIN number has been changed and you did not authorize this change, contact the debit card issuer immediately, as this can be a sign that you are the victim of banking fraud or identity theft. In such cases, you may be offered a new debit card and PIN number so as to block any unauthorized access to your accounts.

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I forgot my PIN for my PayPal debit card, and I thought it would be an elaborate process to get a new one. It actually took a minute online. I think a lot of financial institutions work the same way. It's probably a good idea to change a PIN every few months, anyway.

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