How do I Care for Voile Curtains?

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Voile curtains can be cared for in a fairly easy and straightforward manner. The word voile is French for "veil." It has been adopted into the English language to describe sheer, see-through curtains that are usually used with a second, heavier set of curtains. These curtains can be made of cotton, cotton blend, linen, silk, polyester, or any material that yields a sheer or semi-sheer curtain. The different types of material dictate how the curtains must be cared for.

Cleaning voile curtains that are made of natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, is usually more straightforward than cleaning curtains made of manmade fibers. Curtains made of natural fibers can either be laundered at home or dry cleaned. If you launder your curtains yourself, you should choose your washing machine's most delicate setting, or you should wash them by hand and allow them to hang dry. If you must put them in your dryer, which is usually not recommended, turn the setting to low, and remove them before they are fully dry. The curtains can now be carefully ironed, if necessary, on the appropriate heat setting.

Voile curtains made of blends and manmade fibers may require different care. Most synthetic textiles will require dry cleaning, although some are able to be washed by hand, in which case you should wash them in cool water and hang them to dry. The manufacturer should state the washing instructions clearly on the label.


While these sheer curtains give the visual impression of being delicate, frail, and easily damaged, they are actually sturdier than they look. In fact, you can even consider making voile curtains; it is a fairly quick and easy process, even if you have only the most basic of sewing skills. There are many patterns, and many types of suitable fabric, available if this is the route you choose to take.

Once you have made or purchased and laundered them, hanging voile curtains is essentially no different from hanging other curtains. It is probably easier, because they are almost always more lightweight, so you have more options and greater flexibility in the type of hardware you can use to hang the curtains. Their light weight means they're also easier to lift into place.

Cleaning voile curtains is not an intimidating process. Do not be fooled by the fact that they are sheer and appear delicate. They can be treated in much the same way you treat any of your curtains.


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Post 2

I've never been fond of voile curtains. I really don't like "sheers." I prefer using blinds instead.

In general, I use curtains to either block light from the room, or to make a room look less bare. Voile curtains don't really do either of these.

Most curtains should probably be dry cleaned unless they are cotton muslin or something similar. Those can go in the washer and then can be ironed and starched before re-hanging. I’m not sure whether voile curtains can be pressed or not. But if you have them dry cleaned, I suspect the dry cleaners can handle that job.

Post 1

I don't know that I've ever heard of linen voile, but I would certainly never try to wash linen in the washing machine. I'd definitely have it dry cleaned, as I would silk voile.

A fabric blend would probably be all right in the washing machine , as long as one of the fabrics wasn't silk or rayon, which also may or may not wash well.

For the most part, I'd probably have my voile curtains dry cleaned, or follow whatever was on the care label. Otherwise, curtains don't usually have to be cleaned very often, unless they have yellowed or otherwise become discolored.

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