How Do I Care for Teak Furniture?

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It is not usually difficult to care for teak furniture, since teak is a durable wood that is resistant to all sorts of damage, but if you want to preserve the color of young teak, you will need to take some steps to ensure the honey-brown color does not fade into the more weathered gray that old teak shows. The first step you should take to care for teak furniture is to keep the furniture clean and free of dirt and grime. This can be done using a damp cloth in most cases. The second step will be to buy teak oil.

Care for teak furniture starts with understanding what kind of wood teak is. This tight-grained wood has natural oils that repel bug infestations and help prevent water damage, so it is an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. It can fade in direct sunlight after prolonged exposure, but this will take a long time and the resulting gray finish is often just as beautiful as the gold color of young teak. The wood is exceptionally strong and durable, though it is susceptible to denting or chipping like any other type of wood. While it is resistant to moisture damage, you will still want to store outdoor furniture in a dry place during the winter months to care for teak furniture properly.


Teak oil can be purchased at hardware stores or other supply stores. It is not exceptionally expensive, and it is something you should regularly have on hand to care for teak furniture. Read the recommended usage on the bottle you purchase. If no recommendations are given, decide whether you want to preserve the honey-brown color or if you want the teak to eventually turn the grayish shade characteristic of old and antique teak. If you want to preserve the young color, you will need to apply teak oil frequently — every few weeks should be sufficient — though if you want the teak to age, you can withhold applying teak oil for several months at a time.

The natural oils in the wood will not disappear quickly. It will take many years for the teak to lose enough oils to become susceptible to severe water damage; nonetheless, you should take special care to avoid placing teak furniture in areas prone to flooding or excess moisture. Low points on patios can lead to puddles, and when the legs of the furniture remain in the puddle, water damage is possible. Store the teak furniture in the winter to prevent weather damage.


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