How Do I Care for Curled Hair Extensions?

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Maintaining curled hair extensions can take a considerable amount of work because they require special care. Avoiding the use of hot styling tools is important because they could damage your the extensions. Using shampoos, conditioners, combs, and brushes designed for synthetic hair also may prevent damage and loosening of the extensions.

It is a good idea to inquire about the quality of the extensions before making a purchase if you intend to use hot styling tools. Inexpensive hair extensions may be sensitive to heat and could burn if you use a hot curling iron, flat iron, or hot rollers. High-quality extensions, such as those made from monofiber or thermofiber, can withstand more heat but may cost more. Before using hot styling tools, you should check the quality of your extensions and use the lowest heat settings if they are low-quality.

Most synthetic hair extensions are straight. If you want to curl your extensions, you may want to use hair curlers that roll into the hair to avoid accidentally burning the hair extensions. After dipping the hair extensions in very warm water, roll the curlers into the hair, and let them them dry naturally. Your extensions will be curly when you remove the rollers.


Removing all styling products from the hair each day is a good idea. Use cold water and mild shampoos and conditioners to wash the products from your curled hair extensions. Purchasing shampoo and conditioner meant for use on synthetic hair and wigs may help to prevent tangling.

The daily use of detangling spray on curled hair extensions also may be helpful because it prevents the extensions from becoming tangled and frizzy. You should comb the solution through the extensions using a brush or comb designed for use with extensions. Normal brushes and combs can damage the hair extensions and cause them to loosen.

Trimming frizzy ends will help keep your curled hair extensions looking good. After cutting off the frizzy ends, rub oil into the ends of the extensions to keep the ends from frizzing again. Leave the oil in for an hour before wiping off the excess and shampooing.

If your extensions are not the clip-on variety, it may be a good idea to pull your hair back with a soft, fabric-covered hair tie before going to bed to prevent tangling. Curled hair extensions may become slightly matted during the night, even if you tie them back. To fix the matted areas, start at the bottom of the hair and brush downward, working your way up when the ends become smooth. You should also avoid going to bed with wet hair.


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Post 3

I don't use regular shampoo for my hair extensions because it's very drying and makes them tangle. I use wig shampoo, it works great.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- It depends on the type of hair extensions you have. If the hair extensions come already curled, and the care instructions on the package say that you can wash them, then yes. You can wash those and they should retain their shape.

Some women curl their straight hair extensions because they get bored of the same look. This can be done by boiling the extensions after wrapping them around curlers. If you do this with synthetic hair, it should retain its shape after it has been washed.

If you have human hair extensions, and if they're straight, you can curl them if you want with a curling iron. But like your own hair, they will go back to being straight after washing.

Post 1

I know that straight hair extensions remain straight even after washing them. Is this true for curly hair extensions as well? Do they stay curly after they are washed?

If I get curly hair extensions, can I go ahead and wash them?

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