How Do I Care for an Infected Eyebrow Piercing?

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In most cases, an infected eyebrow piercing can be successfully treated at home without the need to remove the piercing. As soon as the affected area begins to look red and feel warm, treatment should begin. The hands should be washed thoroughly with antibacterial soap, and a sterile saline solution should be used to soak the area. After soaking the area, warm compresses should be applied to the piercing for about 30 minutes before using an antibiotic ointment. This process should be repeated several times per day until the area has healed.

The first step in treating an infected eyebrow piercing is to make sure the hands are clean. While the use of sterile gloves is an option, most people do not keep these gloves around the house. An antibacterial soap should be used to wash the hands, and special care should be taken to make sure the nails are cleaned as well. A nail brush is a useful tool in making sure that the nails are completely clean and sanitized. If any harmful bacteria remains on the hands, the infection is likely to become worse instead of better.


Once the hands have been thoroughly cleaned, a sterile saline solution should be used to soak the infected eyebrow piercing. This solution can be purchased at most pharmacies, although it can easily be made at home if desired. To make the saline solution, sea salt should be added to a glass of warm water until the mixture tastes similar to the body's natural tears. The mixture should then be poured into a small container, such as a shot glass. This glass is then held against the infected piercing for about three minutes.

After the infected eyebrow piercing has been soaked with the saline solution, the remainder of the solution should be used to create a warm compress. A washcloth can be used to absorb the warm solution and then applied to the affected area. When the washcloth becomes cool, the process should be repeated with warm water and continued for about 30 minutes.

The entire process is typically repeated two or three times per day until all signs of infection are gone. Some people may prefer to apply an antibiotic ointment to the infected eyebrow piercing at least once per day, although this is not usually necessary. If the infection persists or seems to become worse, a doctor should be consulted for further evaluation.


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Post 4

I just got an eyebrow piercing about six days ago and it was fine until about two days ago. It got a little swelled and looks bruised up. What can I do about it? And is that an infection?

Post 3

@anamur-- There are several reasons why an eyebrow piercing infection would keep coming back. Either you are not keeping it clean or you are using the wrong kind of jewelry.

You have to avoid touching your piercing with dirty hands. Only touch it when you have washed your hands with antibacterial soap. I also think that cleaning with saline solution should be done routinely, not just when there is an infection. I clean my piercings with saline solution once a week to keep bacteria away.

It's not necessary to "soak" the piercing. I clean mine by dipping a clean cotton swab in the saline solution and then using this to clean the piercing and the surrounding.


you're wearing poor quality jewelry, that might be another cause of infection. The jewelry might be preventing the piercing from healing properly. Or if you have an allergy to the metal, that will cause irritation. Always wear high quality jewelry made of good metals, like titanium for example.

Post 2

How do I treat a recurrent eyebrow piercing infection?

Post 1

I've had my eyebrow piercing for six months and it never got infected until now. It has been red, swollen and filled with pus since last week.

I tried to soak it in salt water but I wasn't very successful. It's difficult to hold a cup to my face, I end up getting the salt water everywhere but my eyebrow.

Is there an easier way to clean the piercing?

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