How Do I Care for a Vintage Faux Fur Coat?

Janis Adams

Whether you want to be politically correct and avoid wearing real fur or you like the design appeal of a vintage item, a vintage faux fur coat can be an appealing item. Designed for durability which a real fur does not offer, there are a few key things to do to keep these furs looking fresher and younger than their vintage years would suggest. The key to caring for a coat is to know what fiber the fur is made of, as each type of fiber should be preserved in different ways. There are, however, a number of basic guidelines to follow to ensure any vintage faux fur coat looks its finest.

Moth balls.
Moth balls.

A vintage faux fur coat, just like natural fur or hair, needs to be brushed. This will help maintain its luxurious look. A coarse, natural bristle brush is best for doing this as it will not snag the fur or pull out chunks of it, leaving unsightly bald patches.

A faux fur coat should always be hung up when it's not being used.
A faux fur coat should always be hung up when it's not being used.

Always hang your coat properly when not wearing it. Make sure that it is placed squarely on the hanger. The shoulders must fit properly at the ends of the hangar. Assure that the collar is appropriately folded. When hung, if the collar is creased in the wrong direction it may be impossible return it to its true form.

A vintage faux fur coat should not be worn in wet or damp weather. Unlike real fur, faux fur can be damaged beyond repair if it gets wet. Should the fur get wet, hang it in a dry area and let it air-dry naturally. Do not attempt to dry the coat with a hair dryer or in a clothes dryer, as the heat can melt the fibers.

When storing, never put the faux fur in a box. A vintage faux fur will lose its shape if it is left for any amount of time crumpled up or even carefully folded in a confined space. The lack of circulating air in a box can also damage the fibers of the faux fur.

A vintage faux fur coat should never be stored with moth balls or within a cedar closet. The coat will retain the odor and will be rendered unwearable. Simply hang the coat in a dark closet where light cannot reach it and fade its color.

Regular cleaning is important to maintaining any garment, including a vintage faux fur coat. The faux fur should not be immersed in water and cannot be dried using home appliances. Though there are some products offered which which will allow you to clean this vintage piece at home, professional cleaning still proves the best option for this garment.

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