How Do I Care for a Short Beard?

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A short beard requires as much care as head hair. Men with short beards need to buy equipment that will help trim and maintain their facial hair. Wash the beard regularly and look for special shampoo in the event of dandruff. Beards are usually the first type of body hair to turn grey, so beard dyes may be necessary. If you are interested in joining the military, the beard will probably have to be removed.

A mistake that men make when growing a short beard is to believe that little or no care is needed to keep it in shape. A few weeks of growth, however, can produce an unsightly mess from what used to be a good-looking beard. A beard needs to be cared for in the same way as the hair on your head.

If you are growing a short beard, purchase a selection of items to ensure that your facial hair stays in pristine shape. Equipment like a proper barber’s scissors, a special beard-trimmer, and a short comb with narrow teeth will be useful. A mirror is also an essential item.


Wash the short beard regularly with either shampoo or soap, and thoroughly rinse the beard. If you want to take extra special care of your beard, you might also use conditioner. Failure to correctly wash a short beard can lead to dandruff, which occurs when the skin under the hair starts to flake. If short beard dandruff occurs, a specially made shampoo for dandruff is essential. As dandruff is also caused by dry skin, men with short beards need to use a moisturizer regularly.

It is usually the case that age becomes apparent in facial hair first. Even men with small beards will find that it turns grey before the hair on their head does. This could present a problem, especially since this grey color appears in uneven patches. There are, however, a number of products available that can successfully dye a beard to match the wearer’s hair.

Men should be aware that a short beard may prevent them from joining the armed forces of several countries. These nations accept men with mustaches into the army, navy, and air force but not with beards. This means that men with an interest in joining the military will probably need to remove even a short beard.


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Post 2

The article wasn't kidding about the beard turning gray before the hair on my head. I have considered trying those beard dyes, but I was afraid it would look artificially dark. If I could just get rid of that gray patch, I'd look ten years younger. At least, I'd like to think so.

Post 1

I try to keep my beard short and trimmed, but it's never far from scraggly. The best thing I ever bought was a beard trimmer with a blade guard. Once I found the right setting, it was just a matter of running the trimmer over the entire beard and shaving the edges with a razor blade.

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