How Do I Care for a Feather Duvet?

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A feather duvet is a warm blanket typically filled with feathers from a goose or duck. They are often used as bed covering during the winter months in cold climates. A quality feather duvet will generally last for many years if it is properly cared for. The best way to care for a duvet is to use a duvet cover. The thick blankets should also be aired out regularly, and may be occasionally machine washed or dry cleaned. When not being used, a duvet should be stored in a bag that allows for air flow.

After purchasing a feather duvet, it should be removed from its packaging and allowed to air out for 24 to 48 hours. Duvets are usually packaged very tightly in a bag, which can make the feathers become matted and clumpy. Hanging the duvet to air it out will help restore the feathers, making them fluffy and evenly distributed.

Duvet covers should be used to protect the blanket. These covers come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors, which makes it easy to match one to a room's decor. A good quality cover will keep the duvet from getting stained or torn. Keeping the duvet clean will cut down on the amount of washing it needs. It is recommended that two or three duvet covers be purchased so that the duvet remains encased when one of the covers is being laundered.


A feather duvet should be laundered once a year to keep it clean and fresh. Some styles are machine washable, while others must be dry cleaned. It is important to follow the cleaning instructions that come with the duvet to prevent ruining it with improper cleaning techniques. If the duvet is machine washable, care must be taken to ensure that it is fully dried afterward. This may be done by putting it in a dryer on a gentle cycle, or by hanging it up, depending on the manufacturer's instructions.

If the duvet is not being used during the warm weather months, it is important to store it in a bag that allows for air flow. Poor air ventilation can lead to mildew growth inside the duvet, which will ruin it. When a feather duvet is taken out of storage it should be allowed to air out again, and then fluffed to restore the feathers. To further prolong the life of the duvet, it can be fluffed daily when the bed is being made, and turned over regularly to prevent the feathers from settling.


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