How Do I Care for a Breast Implants Incision?

Breast implants surgery is typically a same-day surgery. You have the surgery in the morning, spend a couple of hours in recovery, and then get discharged to go home. The breast implants incision will need to be cared for following your release from the health care facility. You will be told to watch for signs of infection, maintain incision cleanliness, and avoid certain physical activities. As time passes, your incision will heal, and you will return to normal activity levels.

Swelling from getting breast implants can last several months. The area around the breast implants incision will be red and swollen for several weeks. Your surgeon may have inserted drainage tubes in the incision. For the first 48 hours following surgery, you should apply ice packs on the breasts. The incisions need to remain dry during this process.

Avoiding infection is the primary goal in caring for your breast implants incision. Signs of infection include a high fever, vomiting, and skin near the incision becoming hot and tender. Seek medical care if signs of infection appear.

Take care not to pull or dislodge the drainage tube from your breast implants incision. The tubes will be removed during your first follow-up visit, typically a week after the surgery. Wear loose clothing to ensure the incision tubes are not being rubbed or pushed throughout the day.


Whether your surgeon used internal or external sutures, or skin glue, the skin surrounding the incision must remain dry. Care with bathing will reduce the chance of the breast implants incision getting moist. Do not shower until the sutures have been removed.

Avoid activities in which you will need to put your hands above your head. This includes washing your hair, reaching for things on shelves, and in some cases, brushing your hair. The physical act of raising your hands above your head puts stress on the sutures. If they get pulled out, your incision will reopen.

Do not get direct sun on your breast implants incision for a minimum of 12 months following surgery. Sunblock must be used if sun exposure cannot be avoided. Wear bras that do not have underwires, as they can damage your incision.

Most scarring will become less pronounced after six months. Keep all follow-up appointments with the surgeon. Call for an earlier appointment if your incision is not healing properly.


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When recovering from breast implant surgery, it is very important to follow your doctor's instructions. Many people start to feel better quickly and can't wait to show off their new figures. However, this is a major surgery and it takes time to heal.

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