How Do I Bulk up a Thin Beard?

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A person with a thin beard has sparse facial hair growth as a result of his unique genetic makeup; because of this, there is generally nothing outside of medical intervention he can do to thicken his beard. One definite way to improve the growth of facial hair is hair transplantation, although this procedure is typically reserved for cosmetic repairs rather than improvement. Although hair growth formulas have a measure of success on the scalp, results are inconclusive when used to bulk up a thin beard. Individuals can, however, create the illusion of a full beard through several methods, such as dyeing the hair and evening out the growth. Some experts also believe that improved nutrition can have a minor effect on beard growth.

Most people who get hair transplant surgery on the face do it for reconstructive purposes; burns and other injuries can scar the skin and eliminate hair follicles. Many individuals undergo the surgery to repair eyebrows, for example, or to cover up extremely damaged skin. It is uncommon, although not unheard of, for individuals to get a hair transplant simply to improve a thin beard. The procedure involves inserting healthy hair follicles into pre-selected areas of the face and then stimulating their growth. Due to the costs and risks involved, hair transplantation is a rarely-picked option for beard improvement.


Some experts believe hair growth treatments such as minoxidil can encourage hair growth on the face as effectively as they do on the scalp. Although the medication has proven to successfully stimulate hair growth on the scalp, dermatologists are concerned about what damage the medication might cause on the more sensitive skin of the face. Most doctors advise against using these treatments to thicken a thin beard until further research is done on the matter.

Since there is no direct way to bulk up a thin beard, most individuals opt to make the existing hair on their faces appear fuller. One popular way to do this is to dye the thinner, lighter hairs on the face to match the darker ones. Although no new hair is grown, the existing ones become much more visible, creating the illusion of a full beard. Using a volumizing brush to clump hairs together and make them stand out more gives the appearance of a bushier beard. An individual can leave his thin beard unshaven until the hairs stop growing, and then trim the edges — this can sometimes allow facial hair to grow longer. Although further research needs to be conducted, some nutritionists believe that supplementation with nutrients involved in hair growth, such as biotin, can also promote fuller beard growth.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- I've heard some good things about olive oil and coconut oil, but I don't think that they can make facial hair thicker. They will nourish it, make it look nicer and maybe encourage it to grow faster, but that's it.

Give the natural oils a try, but I think it's more important to have a good diet, to stay away from stress and get some regular exercise.

Post 2

I've tried chemical hair growth treatments for my beard and they did not help at all. These products are not suited for the skin on the face and I developed some irritation after I used it.

When I mentioned this to my doctor, he said he wants me to get a blood test done to check my hormones. My test results came back and it turns out my testosterone is much lower than normal. I'm going to be put on testosterone therapy and my doctor said that this was probably the reason why I couldn't get a full beard. I knew it wasn't genetic because males on both sides of my family have thick beards. I'm the only one who can grow a thin line beard at most.

I wouldn't recommend people with normal hormonal levels to take testosterone. But if you're having trouble growing a beard like me, it's a good idea to get hormone levels checked.

Post 1

What about beard oils? Many women use natural oils on their scalp for thicker hair. Can I thicken my beard with natural oils?

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