How do I Build a Garage?

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There are four steps required to build a garage: find a suitable location, lay the foundation, frame the garage, and install the roof. A garage is an unheated space that is used to store a car or other equipment. Garages are usually located fairly close to a primary residence, for the convenience of the homeowner. Using a garage increases the life of a vehicle and can be used to store equipment and supplies securely.

The first step before you even start to build a garage is to obtain permission. If you live in an urban area, there are specific zoning rules and regulations that must be met in order to build a garage. Complete the required forms and make sure that all the legal requirements are met before you begin. The government can tear down an illegally built garage, costing you time and money. In a rural setting, there are fewer restrictions, especially if the land is yours.


The most suitable location for a garage has a straight path to a road or driveway, is close to the primary residence, and does not require the removal of any trees or large shrubs. Take the time to determine the location of any gas, electrical, water, or sewer lines on your property. This information is very important. Although the foundation does not require deep drilling, if the garage is built over any pipes or cables and there is a problem, it may be necessary to dig up the floor.

To lay the foundation, rent a bulldozer and survey equipment. Measure the space required and dig down to create a level surface with the required dimensions to create a foundation when you build a garage. Use the survey equipment to ensure that it is as close to level as possible. Install boards around the perimeter and base, creating a box to hold the concrete. Lay down a layer of gravel and then arrange for the concrete to be poured.

Framing the garage requires the use of wood or prefabricated walls to create the structure. Most people use a team at this stage, as the work moves faster with more people helping. Make a large mark on the floor to indicate where the garage door(s) will be. This will ensure that they are not accidentally closed in.

The roof is the last part of the garage. The simplest type of roof to construct is a flat roof, but ask your local roofers for advice. Climates with heavy snowfall usually need slanted roofs to avoid the buildup of too much weight on the roof during the winter.


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