How Do I Broil Strip Steak?

Lori Kilchermann

You can successfully broil strip steak in your home oven by following a few simple tips. For the best results, it is critical to bring your oven up to temperature before placing the steaks in it. You should allow the meat to reach room temperature before you begin to broil it, and it is also best that moisture be wiped off of the meat before cooking. The oven rack must be placed in close proximity to the oven's top heating element or to the bottom broiler, if so equipped. When you broil strip steak, the meat should be turned over after a few minutes of cooking in order to sear its outside surface, and then the meat should be cooked at high heat until done.

Kosher salt can be used to make a crust for strip steak.
Kosher salt can be used to make a crust for strip steak.

To broil strip steak, you will need to turn on your oven on broiler and allow it to come up to heat before placing your steaks in to cook. On most ovens, the broiler is indicated on the temperature dial, while on others it is typically the highest setting. A heavy, iron pan is one of the best types of pans to use to broil strip steak. The pan should be placed in the oven to bring it up to temperature before putting the steaks in it to cook.

A strip steak.
A strip steak.

As the pan and the oven used to broil strip steak are coming up to temperature, you can coat the steaks with olive oil, salt and fresh cracked-pepper. A tip for creating a crust when you broil strip steak is to use only kosher salt. Once the oven and heavy pan are sufficiently heated, you can place the steaks into the pan and position the pan beneath the broiler for three to four minutes. You should turn the steaks over and allow them to cook on the second side for three minutes or until done.

Test the doneness of the steak by piercing the meat with a sharp knife. Red juices indicate a rare steak, while clear juices indicate a medium to well-done steak. If unsure of the actual doneness of the steak, you can opt to make a small slit with a knife to check the color of the inside. After taking your steak out of the oven, you should loosely have the meat covered with foil. Then, have it rest for five minutes; resting lets the juices redistribute throughout the meat and make the steak as juicy as possible when served.

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