How do I Block SMS?

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There are several different methods that may allow you to block SMS messages from being delivered to your cell phone. The most commonly used methods include using your cell phone’s built-in software, asking your cell phone service provider to block certain numbers, or using special software applications available online. Some of these methods however, may also involve fees as well.

Unwanted SMS messages can not only be very annoying; they can also become quite expensive in some cases. If your wireless plan does not include unlimited messaging, you will usually be charged a fee for each incoming message, including those that are unwanted.

If all of the unwanted SMS messages are coming from the same sender, the simplest method for blocking them will likely be to make use of your phone’s built-in abilities. When you receive an unwanted message, you should first save the sender’s number to your phone’s contact list. Your next step should be to name the contact and then go to message options and block this contact. It may be necessary for you to consult your owner’s manual for any further instructions needed to complete this process. You may also need to access your online cell phone account in order to activate this feature. In some cases, a monthly fee may be required to utilize this type of SMS message blocking.


Another way to block SMS messages is to contact your cell phone service provider and request that they block particular numbers from sending you messages. Many service providers would rather allow you to block SMS from certain numbers, than have you terminate SMS messaging entirely. When you make this request however, you should also block any unwanted messages that were sent as e-mail, but delivered as SMS.

A customer service representative will usually be able to help you determine if this type of SMS messaging method was used. You should keep in mind that many important messages from businesses such as airlines or doctors are delivered in this manner and may be unintentionally blocked as well. It is possible that your cell phone service provider may charge an additional fee for this service as well.

There are also special software applications that can be downloaded from the Internet to your cell phone. These applications can then be used directly from your phone to block SMS messages. This software is typically installed in the form of a code that you enter from your cell phone. Once you have correctly entered the code, you will receive a message confirming that the application has been successfully installed. There is usually a fee for these applications, and your cell phone will need to have Internet capabilities in order to install them. In some cases, your cell phone provider may prohibit you from using this type of software.


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