How Do I Become an Urban Sociologist?

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Becoming an urban sociologist requires a high level of education and the ability to use the information gained from that education to accomplish a specific goal. Urban sociology is often defined as the study of human life in metropolitan areas from a sociological perspective, but the boundaries of sociology are constantly changing. This means that in order to become an urban sociologist, one must be qualified both in terms of education and adaptability. Obtaining a degree is only half the battle when trying to become an urban sociologist, because getting a job as an urban sociologist can also be time consuming.

In order to become an urban sociologist, you must begin with the appropriate qualifications. Getting an undergraduate degree in sociology is not strictly necessary because many students from other disciplines, such as anthropology or psychology, are able to get into sociology programs at the graduate level. If you are certain that you would like to become an urban sociologist, getting an undergraduate degree in sociology and taking focused courses in urban sociology may be a good plan. Attending a prestigious school as an undergraduate student can often prove beneficial later on as well.


At the graduate level, it is important to attend a program specifically focused on urban sociology. Many schools have highly prestigious programs in this field, but it is often a better strategy to figure out if any of the professors who teach in the program have interests that match the student's. A graduate degree is a great opportunity to set your career path in motion and make valuable connections that will be helpful when trying to get a job later on.

The final step when trying to become an urban sociologist is getting a job in this field. Urban sociologists can have many different jobs, although many people interested in this subject teach sociology at the university level and write articles and books. It is possible for an urban sociologist to work in the public sector, or to assist in specific government projects. Depending on the focus of your work, international projects or community development organizations may be interested in hiring an urban sociologist.

When looking for jobs outside of universities, you may need to be more creative in selling your expertise. The subjects studied as an urban sociology student and the talents needed for sociological research are applicable to many different fields, though job posters may not immediately realize the match. In order to become an urban sociologist professionally, you must find ways of matching your personal interests with available professional opportunities.


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