How Do I Become an Underwriting Assistant?

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Most people who plan to become an underwriting assistant are working on the experience and skills needed to advance their career in this field. Although this is generally an entry-level position, you will still need education, training, and a particular set of business skills to enter this profession. Researching the business requirements will assist you in mapping out an educational plan to become an underwriting assistant. The level of education needed will depend on the job but in order to become successful in this profession, you should work on a college degree. Some students choose to work on their degree while in the field, and others complete a degree before searching for employment.

Many companies only require a high school diploma, but usually prefer that you are at least working on a bachelor's of science (B.S) degree in business, finance, or accounting. You should start by finding a university that has a well-developed business program and enroll in general coursework to prepare for advanced classes in your field. Some of your coursework may include accounting principles, business finance, management science, business law, risk management and decision making, and other classes that focus on business administration and finance. These courses will equip you with the business application skills needed to become an underwriting assistant.


During your first or second year of college, you should seek an internship with a firm that has senior underwriters. Most companies that have a division for an underwriting assistant are insurance firms, and you should be able to find a position through your university. This experience will enable you to assist senior underwriters and observe the daily tasks of the industry, which will help you to become an underwriting assistant. Some of these internships may lead to permanent positions with the company depending on your performance and displayed competency in the field.

Once you have become an underwriting assistant, you may want to consider working on your master's degree in business to further your career. Some students choose business management in order to increase their job options. An additional skill that will benefit you in this field is excellent communication skills because you will need to interact with clients and other business professionals. Organization, problem solving abilities, and the ability to work well with others will help you to excel in this profession. There are many opportunities and in order to find the job most suitable to your needs, you should begin searching for open positions in the local newspaper and on the Internet.


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