How Do I Become an Operations Manager?

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The requirements that you must meet to become an operations manager typically vary based upon the type of location at which you wish to find such employment. In general, however, you should have a great deal of professional experience working in retail or a field related to the type of work you plan on doing. You may also need to have a college degree, typically a four-year degree though a master’s degree may be preferable. Once you have the background you need to become an operations manager, then you should look for companies trying to fill such a position.

To become an operations manager, you should begin by gaining an extensive professional and educational background in retail work, management, or a similar field. Different types of businesses may need an operations manager, or “ops” manager, and the duties of such positions can vary quite a bit. In general, however, an operations manager oversees the daily operations of a location and ensures that employees are working properly to meet goals and otherwise complete projects. You should consider receiving a four-year degree in business or management to become an operations manager, though a master’s degree can make you an even stronger candidate.


As you work on the education you need to become an operations manager, you should also consider gaining a great deal of relevant professional experience. If you want to work in retail, for example, then you should begin gaining experience working in retail, especially in any management or supervisor positions you can find. Since operations managers are needed in a number of different industries and locations, you should consider all the different options you may have to become an operations manager. You might look into working at a warehouse or shipping location for a larger company, or for an office that is in need of a second manager to oversee daily operations as business expands.

Once you gain this experience and complete your degree, then you can begin looking for opportunities to become an operations manager. If you are working for a large company with numerous locations, then you may be able to more easily move up within the company and find an operations manager position. You can also look at other companies in related fields that are in need of managers, and find opportunities in which you can become an operations manager at those companies. With a strong background in management and a college degree, you may also be able to find a number of other opportunities in positions such as office management, store management, or district management.


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