How do I Become an Online Personal Shopper?

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In order to become an online personal shopper, you must know the fashion industry inside and out. This means keeping up with the latest trends, gaining lots of retail experience, and eventually moving your client base to the Internet. The best way to begin your personal shopping career is to secure a retail job within a brick and mortar store.

The store that you choose to work in is crucial to your personal shopping success. Select a store that is relatively small in size, but has a large, somewhat exclusive, clientele. While you may find some success working within a large retail chain, your efforts are not as likely to be noticed by these clients. Once you have obtained a retail position, you can then begin to build your own client database.

Pay careful attention to repeat clients who enter the store you work in. These people are your main targets, since they will need your shopping help time and again. By making yourself available to assist repeat clients with purchases, these clients will, in turn, come to rely upon your shopping skills. Make sure to write down each client's personal information in a small book or log, and contact these clients when new items arrive, or when expensive items are about to go on sale. By taking note of each client's size, style, and budget, you will be able to impress these clients with your attention to detail.


After working with a few steady customers for a number of years, you can then think about branching out onto the Internet. The best way to become an online personal shopper is to hire a professional web developer to design an interactive website for you. You will need a website that includes style information, easy contact information, and your professional background. After you tell your former clients about your new business endeavor, many of them will likely follow you to your online location. In addition, ask these previous customers if you can use them for testimonials, references, and referrals.

It make take a couple of years for your Internet business to start flourishing, but you will eventually gain a positive reputation. By catering to each and every customer need, your business will begin to expand. While it may seem like a lot of effort to become an online personal shopper, this career path is often rewarding for those who love to shop. =

If you aren't sure about attempting to become an online personal shopper, take the time to work within a retail environment for a few years. Once you have experienced retail life, you will then discover whether or not trying to become an online personal shopper is the right career move for you.


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Though you have to check them out thoroughly, there are many websites that are looking for online shoppers. Just be sure the companies that interest you are reputable before you give up any of your personal information by applying for these types of positions.

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Working as an online shopper is also a great career path for people with degrees in fashion. They can take what they learned in school and apply their knowledge to their own online business.

Many people want this kind of expertise when it comes to shopping for fashion, and someone with a degree in the industry will have the advantage of understanding the latest fashion trends. With the right website and a good marketing strategy, an online shopper could be very successful.

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