How Do I Become an Online Pastor?

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The term “online pastor” or “online minister” can be used to describe someone who primarily engages in ministry activities online or a person who received his ministerial credentials through an organization that ordains people over the Internet. If you want to become an online pastor through an established religious organization that does not offer online ordinations, you will typically first need to complete its ordination or licensing program. The process for this type of credentialing varies according to the traditions of the religion in which you hope to be ordained or licensed, but typically requires the completion of an educational program as well as a series of interviews and psychological tests before you can engage in public ministry. After you receive this authorization, you can then begin your work as an online pastor by setting up a web presence and developing the services that you offer. If you simply want to become an online pastor by getting ordained over the Internet, the process typically involves visiting the website of an organization that issues these credentials, completing an online form, and then printing out your certificate.


If you are already ordained within a particular religious tradition, you may be able to become an online pastor simply by expressing your desire to your current church or the denominational official to whom you are accountable and receiving permission to begin your online work. In situations where you are not ordained or licensed for ministry, you should ask a denominational or church official for information on how to enter the ministry. You might need to complete an educational program that may require you to spend several years in theological seminary or Bible college. You may also be asked to complete a series of interviews with psychologists, clergy, or laypeople who can help evaluate whether you are well suited for ministry work.

Once you receive authorization to become an online pastor, you will need to get your ministry established. Online ministries differ in scope, but you may be able to publish online sermons to a website, provide counseling via online chat or webcam, or even lead webcasted worship services. The types of software and hardware you’ll need will vary depending on how you want to interact with those you plan to work with online. Your church may assist you with paying for the technology necessary for beginning your work, though in some instances you may need to absorb the costs.

If your plan is to become an online pastor by getting ordained online, the process is usually straightforward. Several websites now exist for the purpose of issuing ordination certificates to people who wish to enter the ministry, and you must usually submit your name, address, and other pertinent information to receive your ordination certificate. You should be aware, however, that some people and government agencies might not recognize Internet-issued ordination credentials. This can impede your ability to officiate at weddings, so it is a good idea to research the marriage laws in your area to determine whether you are eligible to offer this service to others.


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