How Do I Become an Office Assistant?

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A certain level of education is sometimes required to become an office assistant, though some offices do not specify a certain level of education. The first step in tracking down a job that will be suitable for you is to read the job description carefully and determine if you are qualified. Most ads for such positions include a list of requirements, such as a high school or a college education, experience in the field, and so on. You will need to apply to the position by filling out an application and submitting a resumé, so be sure to have these documents in order if you want to become an office assistant.

The specific job duties of an office assistant will vary according to the hiring company, which is why the requirements will vary so vastly. A lawyer's office, for example, may want to hire an office assistant with knowledge of the court system, so in order to become an office assistant in such an office, you will need to gain such experience. An oil delivery company, however, may not need an assistant with any vast experience, but instead a candidate with solid work ethic, organizational skills, and an affable personality. To become an office assistant in this situation, be sure to exploit your talents and skills, and be sure to mention any relevant experience you have.


You will need to develop typing skills, phone skills, and other skills relevant to the position if you want to become an office assistant. If you want a leg up on the competition, consider obtaining an associate's degree and earning certificates relevant to the field in which you will be applying. If you want to make a career out of the position, you will need to have some level of higher education or training to ensure you get the job over less qualified candidates.

The interview process is exceptionally important, and you will need to go into the interview with a calm head and a friendly attitude. Dress appropriately and answer all questions as directly as possible. Remember that the employer wants someone friendly, knowledgeable, and organized, so be prepared to talk about all your key traits and experiences. Don't get discouraged if you get stuck on a question; just answer as honestly as possible, and be ready for the next question. If you do not know the answer to a question, or do not possess the skill the employer prefers, make sure to give concrete ways you can obtain the skills or find the answer to the question quickly and efficiently.


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This article doesn't go into detail about the best way to dress for an interview for this type of position, but your attire is vital to getting the job.

Both men and women should dress conservatively in business-type attire in preparation for an office assistant interview. A neat blouse or dress shirt, dress pants, and suit jacket are good choices for people who have job interviews for office positions. After all, anyone who wants to work in this setting should dress as if he or she is prepared for the job.

Post 2

In many areas, you must have some higher education to get a job as an office assistant. These types of jobs are in demand, so having a college degree will help you get a great entry-level office position. Then you will have your foot in the door of the company, which may eventually help you work your way up to a higher position.

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