How Do I Become an NLP Therapist?

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Neurolinguistic programming, or what is commonly referred to as NLP, is a practice similar to hypnosis that involves using words and images to promote a specific behavior or action in an individual. Studying, training and practicing in the field are all important components if you want to become an NLP therapist, and they can help you further your knowledge for a future practice. Since many certification organizations for NLP and other psychotherapy practices have different requirements, their study materials and information may vary. If truly confident in your practice, self-study may be the only type of schooling needed to become an NLP therapist since there are no regulating organizations.

With neurolinguistic programming, a therapist practices techniques using hypnotic words associated with reprogramming the mind to execute a specific, desired behavior. This may include helping an individual stop smoking or end another bad habit, as well as helping some lose weight, exercise or eat healthier. There are some NLP schools and organizations that teach students how to become an NLP therapist by showing them different NLP techniques and how to approach others with an NLP practice. In contrast to self-study, many NLP organizations and teachers allow students to practice on others, allowing them to gain real-world experience.


Each NLP school has different requirements for graduation, and it is important to research all available options to determine which school provides the best curriculum for your needs. Many students wishing to pursue a successful career in hypnosis or NLP choose a school that includes a wide variety of topics or courses in NLP to deepen their knowledge base. Speak to other workers in the field to determine if you really want to become an NLP therapist. This way you will see firsthand what a practice in NLP really requires and what is expected of you.

An NLP therapist is not regulated by any official agency or organization, so you do not have to spend money on certification. To become an NLP therapist, you do not necessarily have to register with any governmental agencies or organizations specializing in NLP. Since it is an unregulated term, you could easily become an NLP therapist or practitioner simply by self-study and practice of NLP applications. Networking with other NLP practitioners is a great way to learn more about the practice as well as how to market yourself and your NLP practice.


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