How Do I Become an Inventory Controller?

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The job of inventory controller requires managing warehouse employees and ensuring increased productivity in the workplace. To become an inventory controller, you should attend college and take courses in accounting and business fundamentals. Work experience is necessary to get a feel for the job. Lack of knowledge when it comes to computer software and advanced equipment can cost applicants a job. If you are looking to become an inventory controller, you should obtain certification in order to be placed ahead of other candidates.

An inventory controller is responsible for overseeing employees in warehouses, ensuring efficiency and productivity. To become an inventory controller, it is important to have excellent communication and management skills. Other skills involve knowledge of computer inventory software.

In general, a bachelor’s degree is necessary in order to become an inventory controller. Other acceptable degrees include a Bachelor of Management Science and a Bachelor of Business Administration. You also need to take classes which will help improve your problem solving, communication, economic, and mathematical skills.

Another potential requirement for those hoping to become inventory controllers is work experience. This can be gained from internships or from an entry-level position. Prospective inventory controllers can learn more about the essential elements of a supervisor’s job, including health and safety regulations.


Organizations that own warehouses are continually updating their equipment to keep up with ever advancing technology. This means that you will need to understand how to use equipment such as touch screen computers and wireless scanners in order to become an inventory controller. There are also a number of software suites that are designed to speed up the movement of the inventory as well as to track employees. Prospective inventory controllers must learn how to effectively use this software.

Another important element when looking to become an inventory controller is gaining certification. Although it is not mandatory, the majority of employers prefer to hire someone with certification in production and inventory management. These certifications are earned by attending classes and seminars to develop knowledge of strategies, terms, and concepts. To receive the certification, candidates must pass a final exam which requires answering questions on aspects of management, such as procurement, materials management, and basic supply chain management.


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