How do I Become an Interior Design Assistant?

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Choosing to become an interior design assistant can be a rewarding path. However, it is not something that just anyone can do without some type of preparation. Often, the job requires formal education and training, as well as having a spark of creativity along with a good eye for detail.

One of the first tools you will need in order to become an interior design assistant is a basic education. Since many of your duties will include clerical tasks that are common to most assistant positions, you will need to have a solid vocabulary, be able to read easily, and possess the basic skills needed to function in an office environment. Actual office experience may be helpful, especially if that experience includes familiarity with basic filing, document processing, and interaction with customers.

It is not unusual for anyone who wants to become an interior design assistant to have a degree or certificate that is related to decorating and design. While the bulk of the designing is left to the decorator, the assistant is often asked for opinions on color and pattern matches, furniture placement, and other elements that are crucial to the success or failure of any proposed room design. Acquiring the technical skills that make it possible to aid the designer in this fashion will greatly enhance the chances of obtaining work as an interior design assistant.


Interior designers often like any interior design assistant they work with to be somewhat familiar with technology-based tools that are commonly used in the design process today. One example is programs that use computer aided design or CAD. CAD can be employed with all sorts of interior designs, making it possible to create visual presentations of what a space will look like when the work is completed. An individual who can use CAD to make that house interior design come to life in an illustration has a very good chance to develop into an interior design assistant that will be in great demand.

In order to become an interior design assistant, the candidate must demonstrate the creativity that is central to any type of decorating and design project. Most interior designers need assistants who can offer constructive criticism and helpful suggestions on a bedroom or den design as well as help create the visual presentation to show to clients. Even if someone has mastered the technical aspects of using computer technology to recreate the vision of the designer and is proficient at most clerical responsibilities, a lack of creative energy can prevent an otherwise highly qualified individual from achieving the goal to become an interior design assistant.


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