How Do I Become an Interior Decorator?

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To become an interior decorator you should typically begin by considering the merits of a structured education in design and other elements of interior decorating. Unlike interior designers, you do not necessarily need to have education in design or architecture to become an interior decorator, but it may make it easier for you to do so. If you wish to skip any structured education, you should still ensure you understand different aspects of interior design and design in general such as use of space, color and lighting, and various furniture and architectural styles. You might also consider membership in a professional association and ways to build your portfolio.

Before you begin working to become an interior decorator, you should ensure you are following the career path that is right for you. You should, for example, consider whether you want to be an interior decorator or an interior designer. Interior designers usually have an understanding of architecture and design in a more formalized way, often requiring a degree from a college or university, while interior decorators do not.


If you want to become an interior decorator, then you should begin your training by learning all you can about design and interior decorating. This can be done in a number of ways, including attending individual classes on design or decorating, reading books on the subject, and even through online classes or websites dedicated to interior decoration. While you do not necessarily need to have a college degree to become an interior decorator, you may still want to consider it as an option. Either way, however, you should be sure you understand various design concepts such as space, color theory, and lighting techniques.

You should also learn about different styles of decoration and furniture design, as you should be able to identify styles such as Southwestern, Louis XIV, and Art Deco. Once you have the background you need in design and decorating theory, then you can begin gaining experience needed to become an interior decorator. You should consider friends and family members who may need assistance with decorating, and volunteer your time to begin building your portfolio.

There are also professional associations for interior decorators that you can join, and this can help you build contacts and receive discounts on certain decorating products. Once you have built your portfolio a bit, which can include images of your own home or work space, then you should look for opportunities within the industry. You might look for local restaurants or hotels that need help with interior decorating, interior design firms that are hiring decorators, and construction companies or real estate agencies looking for a decorator for model homes.


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