How do I Become an Infusion Nurse?

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Infusion nurses do observation of patients, medicate patients, do blood transfusions, and give fluids to patients as needed. The work might also include catheterizing patients, bandaging patients' wounds, or checking to make sure that the patient is not suffering drug side effects. If you want to become an infusion nurse, you generally will need a college degree.

Getting a college degree in nursing is necessary if you want to become an infusion nurse. The degree in nursing will include courses such as anatomy, health assessments, patient wellness, microbiology, and instruction in how to give infusions. Nursing practicum coursework is also typically included as part of the degree.

While working on the nursing degree, it can be helpful to get excellent grades and good references from your professors, since a high grade point average (GPA) and good references are things that prospective employers will want to see. Getting good references from your nursing practicum supervisors is also important if you want to become an infusion nurse. Having good practicum performance means you are able to readily transfer the knowledge you have learned in the classroom to nursing practice on the job and that is very important if you want to perform well as a nurse on the job after college.


During the last semester of college, you will typically begin to search for a nursing job. The career services office at your college will usually be able to assist you in your search for a job. Also, doing an online job search can be helpful if you want to become an infusion nurse.

Your first year on the job will typically expand upon what you learned about infusions in college. You will get a lot of experience in giving infusions. Other learning topics include patient nutrition, how to control infection, and how to work the medical machines that patients need.

Certification is not required if you want to become an infusion nurse; however, certification can be helpful. For instance, you can earn a certificate in infusion nursing through the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC). To earn that certificate, you must attain two years of experience and you must pass an exam designed to assess your knowledge of infusion nursing.

As an infusion nurse, you can work in various settings such as community clinics, home health care, nursing homes, or hospitals. Also, after working as an infusion nurse for a few years, you could choose to go back to school to get a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in nursing if you are interested in college teaching. Or, you could get a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree which will enable you to pursue hospital or nursing home administrative positions.


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