How Do I Become an Infrastructure Engineer?

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In order to become an infrastructure engineer, it is necessary to obtain an education and experience in the area, as well as to have an interest in computers, engineering and the business environment. Infrastructure engineers have complicated jobs so it is important to have the personality characteristics necessary to handle the day-to-day tasks that are required. The desire to continue to learn throughout the career is also necessary to become an infrastructure engineer, as technology is constantly changing.

Those who wish to become an infrastructure engineer need a four-year undergraduate degree in either computer science, information technology or engineering. These degrees vary a lot but can lead to a similar career path once completed, so individuals should choose the degree that best suits their personality and needs. All of these degrees require a strong proficiency in the areas of mathematics and science. Graduate degrees are required at certain organizations, but individuals can find a job without completing graduate school if they do not wish to continue their education that far.

Infrastructure engineers are constantly working to ensure that the computer systems are performing correctly. Those in this position are often overseeing large network structures that have many people depending on them, so the job can be stressful. Personality characteristics for this position include the ability to handle pressure and to make decisions quickly and effectively. An extensive knowledge of various network configurations and applications is necessary to become an infrastructure engineer.


Many organizations require that their infrastructure engineer is certified, which occurs by taking certification classes for network professionals. This certification process ensures that the infrastructure engineer understands the various network configurations and applications necessary to do the job. Infrastructure engineers also need to be able to work with their hands, as certain issues with computers and servers have to be fixed manually, as well as climb ladders and lift computer components.

Individuals who wish to become an infrastructure engineer must have a desire to continue to learn throughout their career. Technology is constantly changing and an infrastructure engineer is right in the middle of these changes, often leading the organization as far as they are concerned. This means taking additional classes and workshops as well as teaching others in the organization about the changes that are occurring. Individuals who become an infrastructure engineer must have the willingness to guide the organization into the future of technology.


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