How Do I Become an Independent Sales Consultant?

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Sales consultants are professionals who are responsible for determining the needs of potential clients and selling them products or services that meet those needs. In general, there are sales consultants who work for companies and others who work independently. Independent sales consultants tend to either sell products or services that they developed themselves or act as contract workers who sell products and services that were developed by a larger organization. To become an independent sales consultant, it is not necessary to earn a college degree, although an education in a business field certainly can help you improve your communication and business etiquette skills. In most cases, however, it is more important that you acquire experience as a salesperson and become quite familiar with the products that you sell.

Many seasoned sales professionals believe that experience is the most effective kind of training for a person who wants to become an independent sales consultant. It is very rare to find a person who is able to become an effective sales consultant without first learning from first-hand trial and error. Classes in sales techniques certainly can teach you some important selling methods, but it is quite difficult to become an effective salesperson until you have learned about your own strengths and weaknesses by practicing and sometimes failing.


With that being said, a person who wants to become an independent sales consultant should have certain character traits. For instance, the more charismatic you are, the easier it might be for you to become an independent sales consultant who is successful. It is essential that you are able to inspire trust in others and have complete faith in the products or services that you sell.

An independent sales consultant is his or her own boss. To become an independent sales consultant, it is important that you are able to discipline yourself. People who need to have their schedules set by other people might not excel in this kind of position. If you are the kind of person, however, who likes to set your own schedule and decide how much money you need to make each week, you might have the right kind of personality to become an independent sales consultant.

If you would like to become an independent sales consultant who sells your own products or services, you might be responsible for performing your own market research, doing your own advertising and setting up your own website. When you sell products for another organization, that company normally provides you with information that helps you to make a sale. If you want to sell your own products, however, you have to start from scratch. This kind of sales position can take a long time to develop, but many people who have become successful independent sales consultants in this fashion find that it is very fulfilling.


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