How Do I Become an HR Recruiter?

YaShekia King

HR recruiters are professionals who help to connect companies with employees who fit available job positions at these organizations. These individuals need to have solid communication skills and be self-driven. A person who seeks to become an HR recruiter has to complete four years of college beyond high school, as well as gain practical experience through an internship. In addition, he or she should pursue field certification, which demonstrates his or her expertise in this industry.

Human resources recruiters are typically responsible for conducting initial interviews in order to fill a position.
Human resources recruiters are typically responsible for conducting initial interviews in order to fill a position.

If you want to become an HR recruiter, you need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in business with a focus on human resource management. Your desired training institution will ask you to submit your high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with your high school transcript. Turning in a completed enrollment application along with scores from recently taken standardized exams also is necessary as part of the college admission process.

HR recruiters can benefit from diversity training.
HR recruiters can benefit from diversity training.

Classes on marketing and hiring will prepare you for a job in this career area. You must study how to put together a recruitment plan as well as how to select employees — using interviews and job applications, for example — because you must complete these duties when you become an HR recruiter. In addition, courses cover how to create job descriptions and advertise the benefits of working for a particular company, which is part of the role in this field.

Completing an internship is necessary to gain hands-on experience in this industry. You can find this type of opportunity at local staffing companies or company human resource departments. While training to become an HR recruiter, you should practice meeting with business leaders and determining their staffing needs so that you can find job candidates who will help these managers to accomplish their organizational goals. Training in the workforce also gives you the chance to analyze the job market and give companies advice on the types of job seekers they can expect.

Even though field certification is voluntary, it does make you more attractive in this field. Societies offer examinations that lead to industry credentials, which prove to hiring managers that you are competent to perform in this career area. In order to maintain these designations, you have to complete continuing education requirements. A person who wants to become an HR recruiter also can use certification to demonstrate to his or her clients that he or she is qualified to help them to choose the best employees for their businesses.

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