How Do I Become an Executive Chauffeur?

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Becoming an executive chauffeur requires the ability — and license — to drive limousines and other luxury vehicles while providing exceptional customer service. An understanding of proper business etiquette also is important. Executive chauffeurs typically cater to business executives, government leaders and other influential or wealthy people.

Clients tend to be successful, driven people who are in a hurry to get where they are going. You will need to open car doors, hold umbrellas, help with luggage and give your clients the star treatment even under stressful circumstances. That includes keeping your cool in traffic jams and when a client is rude.

On-the-job training is normally all that is needed to become an executive chauffeur. Generally, no college degree is required. If desired, you can take a chauffeur training course to give yourself an edge over other job candidates.

One of the first steps if you want to become an executive chauffeur is to obtain all required licensing. Depending on where you live, a commercial driver's license might be required. Some states in the U.S., for example, also require a chauffeur's license. Obtaining a chauffeur's license often involves taking a written exam; no road test is required, unless you don't already have a regular driver's license. A written chauffeur test often will include questions about laws, road signs and navigating various scenarios that can occur while driving.


Your career path might begin by working as a driver with a limousine company and then moving up to an executive chauffeur position. Advancement is possible for drivers who show strong customer service and safe driving skills. Being able to retain existing clients and bring in new clients also are valued skills.

It also is possible to become an executive chauffeur by working directly for clients instead of a company. This role often means taking on the duties of both a driver and an executive assistant. You might have to schedule meetings and events, run errands or perform secretarial duties, for example.

Successfully passing a full background check is another common requirement. Executive chauffeurs work with an upscale clientele and sometimes have access to their home addresses and other personal information. Special security clearances are sometimes required for working on airport property. Working as a chauffeur for top business executives or famous people also might require a background in security or police work.

You also should understand basic auto maintenance if you want to become an executive chauffeur. This might mean changing windshield wipers or fluids and making sure your vehicle is in good working order. The interior and exterior of the vehicle also should be kept clean. As an executive chauffeur, you will be expected to have a well-groomed appearance. Clients expect and many companies require their chauffeurs to wear professional business attire or a uniform.

You also can become an executive chauffeur by starting your own business. Aside from having all the needed skills and requirements, you also will need your own vehicle or fleet of vehicles. A business license is often required, as well.


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